/About us

Ensuring the safety and future of Nantucket

Our mission is clear: to lay the foundation of excellence in paving on the shores of Nantucket. We are driven by a passion for delivering the highest quality work and the desire to forge lasting bonds with our clients, employees, and the entire island community. Our goal is to build a smoother future that leaves a lasting impression.

/Our Story

The road so far…

Inspired by the island’s unique charm, Vic and his son, Brandon, established Victor-Brandon Corp. in 1997. The term family business has never been more true, with the company including Vic’s daughter, three sons, son-in-law, and grandchildren. Together, they left their mark on Nantucket thanks to their unparalleled craftsmanship and commitment to excellence.

Beyond their paving prowess, they’ve been giving back to the community ever since through donations and charitable contributions. A quote from Rudyard Kipling guides their legacy, emblazoned on every company sweatshirt: "It's not the work of one man that brings us to the goal. It's the everlasting teamwork of every bloomin' soul."

Let's pave the way together

We are always ready, with the highest quality materials and workmanship, to pave the way to excellence. Contact us today, and together we’ll make the island a safer place to live. For better roads ahead!